Senior BFA students, Angie Howard, Chelsea Markuson and Michael Kopp collaborated to create a site specific art installation at IUS’s Space Lab Gallery. The work is titled ‘Does you inspire you’.

According to the artists the installation took nearly 60 hours to complete over 5 days.

Kopp said that the piece was inspired by a collaborative piece by artist Sara Schneckloth titled Merry-Go-round.

Howard said ‘I wanted to follow the interactions of my fellow collaborators and kind of like “exquisite corpse” the wall.

Exquisite corpse is a collaborative art process where each take turns adding to a work of art.

Howard went on to say that she ‘wanted to add a 3d element by bringing Chelsea’s and I’s line work to life by adding spray painted and spiralized card stock’.

The piece is a combination of media paint, cut cardstock, spray paint and digital projection.

Associate professor of Art Brian Harper was among the attendees of the show opening. He said that this opening marked the 6th anniversary of the Space Lab.

Artists: Michael Kopp BFA Digital Art and Interactive Media; Chelsey Markuson BFA Drawing, Angie Howard BFA Printmaking